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While we were in NYC to film the LOVE & GUTS exhibition in soho, I shot portraits of the artist involved. There is something quite intimate and strange about shooting a portrait. The face can say so many things without uttering a word.

Check out the film that Kirk and I shot here.

Artist and Artworks photo series here.




Four hours north-east of LA is a sacred piece of heaven. It’s 5400 feet above sea level, and the Sequoia trees grow so high that you can barely see their top branches.

Over the weekend was the MAKE IT COUNT contest series, in the Sequoia National Park at the YMCA Element Skate Camp. It’s a place where kids come to learn how to survive in the wilderness, how to succeed in life,  and how to skate their best.

Visually, Skate Camp is absolutely beautiful. Audibly, there were accents from all over the world… Contestants came from  Portugal, Canada, Australia, and cities throughout the United States. And Element’s international offices came out to cheer for their respected regions, as Element Europe, Japan, and Australia were in attendance.

Prior to the contest, we hiked to Stony Creek where the Europe crew, Guy (from Portugal), Levi Brown, and a few skaters were the only ones brave enough to swim in the icy waters.

Todd Larson and Matt Luciani from Elemental Awareness taught us survival techniques, how to make shelter, create our own utensils with hot coals and wood, and make fire from only the bare essentials. Nevertheless, our European brethren Phil and Christian came through with the goods by making the best looking spoons!

Late at night we got to hang out next to the camp fire, where Guy tried to scare us with his Black Bear impersonation, which was met with rolling laughter instead of screams! Hehe… Thanks for the laughs Guy!.



Here are the competitors from the MAKE IT COUNT contest finals, which were held at he Element YMCA Skate Camp in the beautiful Sequoia National Park. Each skater fought for the chance to win Element Sponsorship for a year and also a year’s worth of Chipole Burritos… YUM!

Check out the link for the highlights from the comp.

Congratulations to Vincent!! Welcome to the Element Team.

Vincent Luevanos, Los Angeles, CA.



Element just released its new line of skate obstacles, called “DROP SPOT”. We shot the commercial series in San diego at the Transworld warehouse.

Kirk Dianda, Ricki Bedenbaugh and Marc Falkenstien directed and shot the commercials together. The stars of the shoot were Chad Tim Tim, Vanessa Torres, Julian Davidson, Lacey Baker and Levi Brown, plus Ryan Dewitt who kept everyone out of trouble.

It was a long day of shooting, but the end result, edited by Kirk Dianda, looks really cool. Check out the commercial here or catch it on FUEL, and below are some behind-the-scenes photos from the day.




It’s the Maloof Money Cup weekend in New York City, and last night was the opening night of  “LOVE & GUTS” art exhibition. Oakley, Thrasher, Red Bull, and Juxtapoz brought together a diverse group of artists to exhibit their work, which were dedicated to fellow skaters that have passed away.

Kirk and I filmed the installation, so keep an eye out for the short film, which will be released soon.

Pictured above, Don Pendleton stands in front of two of his pieces that were featured. Click for more portraits of the other artists involved…


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