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It’s been a crazy week in Mr Big Sur world… Nevertheless, everything is coming together for the show next week, so I thought it might be time for another sneak peek at some of the amazing creativity that the Element Advocates have been sending over for the  show.

This piece was created by Miya Ando, one of the sweetest women you will ever meet.

It closely resembles her dark and mythical metal works, and the inscription of a prayer repeated is so adorable that it’s going to make it very difficult to part with this one.

Check out Mr Big Sur event details here.

Photos of Miya Ando in her studio here.


Here is a little sneak peek at one of Chad Muska’s seed pods created especially for the Mr Big Sur charity event on December 2nd, at The CAMP in Costa Mesa.

See more event details here.

Also check out Mr Big Sur’s Twitter for more sneaky peeks from Element Advocates Todd Francis, Chad Eaton, Brooke Reidt, Mike Kershnar, Juliana Neufeld, Miya Ando, and more!


I just found these in the ABCK archives! Originally they were part of a limited edition calendar that was stocked at the Outpost in Brisbane and Colette in Paris. It was my first attempt at using photoshop as i used to make all my zines before this period with only paper, scissors and glue.

Above is our knight in shining armor, Beau Velasco.



Brooke Reidt lives and works in downtown LA. This softly spoken artist creates breathtaking canvases where she arduously applies layer upon layer, creating a textual pieces that often look more like an exotic textile than a painting.

We had the pleasure to visit Brooke in her studio apartment, and watch her work… Here are some images I shot.

Brooke is having an exhibition at (SUB) Urban in LA on November 13th. Check the link for more details.

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