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Skate Camp counselor, energetic, father, jack of all trades, ADHD, skate rat, junk food advocate, and all around awesome dude are the words I would use to describe Matt Ward. The phrase “Drink like a fish, eat like a bird.” by Tom Penny couldn’t be more fitting.


I shot this on a road trip through Big Sur… Highway 1 was temporarily¬†closed due to fires.The smoke created a blanket that smothered sound and light. It was erie and beautiful.


It’s hard to believe anything could live here, under this overwhelming blue sky.¬†But there in the middle is a sign of life! A mere skeleton of a river winding through this empty landscape.

She might be dormant right now but she will command this landscape once more, just you wait and see.


Les Stewart from Mudjimba, Australia is in the Guinness Book of Records for typing all the numbers from one to one million in words (not numbers).

After 7 manual typewriters, 1000 ink ribbons, 19,890 pages, 16 years and seven months, typing with only one finger, he finished with the word ‘one million’.

This photo was shot for Dazed and Confused Magazine. 2007.


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