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Julian Christenson was the overall winner of the 2011 MAKE IT COUNT Contest Series, which took place at the Element YMCA Skate Camp in Sequoia, California.
The skating was insane and the scenery was beautiful. It is incredible to believe all these kids are un-sponsored and skating at this level.

Check out the portraits I shot of all the contestants here.

Music by: Loren Humphrey
“Final Fury”


Studio B.I.B. is a Toronto based creative space operated by Allister Lee. It specializes in consultation, branding, and graphic work for premier niche retail operations and apparel brands.

Allister recently asked me to make a plush version of his mascot… Here is what I came up with. As a big fan of Allister’s work, and his black and white aesthetics, it was super fun to work on, and I’m really happy with how it materialized.

Check out some of Allister’s amazing illustrations here.

Allister blog love here.


Below is a series of portraits that I shot of the contestants of the MAKE IT COUNT contest at Element YMCA Skate Camp in the National Sequoia Forest in California. Check out the 2011 Finals video here!

Julian Christianson – Denver, CO. 2011 Make It Count contest winner

Kevin Phelps – Rhode Island

Anthony Anaya – San Jose, CA

Tim Prozorov – Europe

Matt Nordness – Milwaukee, MI

Dominick Devries – Vancouver, Canada

Travis Glover – Atlanta, GA

Yariel Melendez – Puerto Rico

Thomas Dritsas – Raleigh, NC

Edgar Barrera – Santa Ana, CA

Cory Hale – Dallas, TX

Taylor Bray – Make It Count contest winner (2010)

Yusuke Oguri – Japan

Frankie Spears – New York, NY

Mitch Phillips – Edmonton, Canada. 3rd Place.

Miika Adamov – San Jose, CA

Adriano Lachouski – Brazil. 2nd Place.

Ben Paterson – Edmonton, Canada.

Chris Mongenals – Montreal, Canada.


We just got back from a road trip to the happiest place on Earth, aka Element YMCA Skate Camp.

Camping in the mountains is a humbling experience… When you rise with the sun in the mornings, and go to sleep when the sun slips behind the trees, it reminds you that you are one with the earth.

The Sequoias trees dwarf you as they reach for the sky. Would you believe that these four growths come from one tree stump!

I loved walking this path everyday. There was a squirrel that would play in the tree to the left, and on the right was where the Japanese campers were staying… Every morning, I would greet them with a Konichiwa!