August 2013 archive


The “Grow Young” collection combines the distinctive style of Element Eden with the unique vision of Jac Vanek. The short story follows a young girl who sheds her layers, becomes one with her dreams, and enters the unknown.

The soundtrack was created by the super talented Mathew Barker, from Water Music. You can buy the song “Wayward” from the album “Mountains” here, and stay in touch with all the awesome stuff they are doing here.

Directed and Edited by: Kirk Dianda
Filmed by: Mark Stewart, Kirk Dianda, and Amber B Dianda
Photography: Amber B Dianda
Model: Sophia Titova Next LA
Hair: Ryan Richman
Makeup: Gabbi Pascua


Valerie Killeen and I had the pleasure to visit Murphy and Carrie Martines and their amazing Cliff May Ranch house in Tustin, California. When they first bought their home it was peachy beige in color with a blasphemes Spanish twist. They have managed to strip the house back to its Mid-Century modern and minimalistic bones, and it is just to die for. “Keep it simple stupid” has never been proven to be so true.

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Ray Barbee is one of the most gentle men you will ever meet. Under his quiet facade, you will uncover a passion for everything creative. This man can play music directly from his soul, skate like no other, and photograph images that capture the true persona of the person underneath… Watching Ray direct his creativity on a skateboard, through his guitar, and behind the lens will most definitely blow your mind.

Kirk and I had the chance to spend a day with Ray playing music, skating the neighborhood, and developing in the dark room as he processed endless rolls of film from past travels and explorations.

Check out the video created by the handsome Kirk Dianda, and my images and footage from the shoot below.



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