A couple of weeks ago Kirk and I went to the Element YMCA Skate Camp. It’s a beautiful place to be, as it’s on a fresh-water lake, tucked in the Sequoia National Forest, and surrounded with every kind of skate obstacle you can imagine.

While there, what really inspired me, was attending the Elemental Awareness classes run by Todd Larson and Matt  Luciani. Everyday at Skate Camp, these guys teach and empower kids how to build shelters in the forest, make fire from the bare essentials, and life lessons to live successful and positive lives.

So to thank them for what they do, I have made a limited edition line of tote bags.  The bags are individually hand-sewn and screened by me, and will be available at my SUMMERWINTER exhibition on July 16th at POVevolving Gallery in LA. The proceeds from the totes will be donated to Elemental Awareness so they can continue all the wonderful work they do with educating and empowering kids.


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