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The Love & Guts Art Show, presented by Oakley, Juxtapoz and Thrasher, is set to make its return to New York City with a specially themed show entitled Eyes Wide Open. After touring the show in Wellington, New Zealand and Bondi Beach, Australia earlier this year, Love & Guts hits New York City on Friday the 4th of June.

The exhibition is centered around celebrating the lives of skaters that left us far too soon. Although gone physically, the impressions left by them have lived on, and to further immortalize them, Eyes Wide Open comes to street skating’s mecca, New York City, for what promises to be the largest Love & Guts exhibition to date.

The show historically has been centered around the art of skating legends Lance Mountain, Pat Ngoho, Steve Caballero and Steve Olson, but has gone on to include many other skaters from skating’s past and present. For Eyes Wide Open NYC, the show enlisted the talents of Chad Muska, Armando Roura, Don Pendelton, Giovanni Reda, Dennis McNett and Ivory & Shelter Serra whose work will be accompanying that of Mountain, Ngoho, Caballero and Olson.

We met up with Pat Ngoho, Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero recently… Check out this clip filmed by Kirk Dianda of Pat Ngoho talking about Love & Guts.



For all the Aussies out there, you have to check this one out! The Keg Show features some of my Australian favorites; Beci Orpin, Nicholas Chalmers, and CK! The exhibition travels from Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and then to Sydney… It’s gonna be awesome!

On the night of the opening, I will post pictures of my submission for the rest of the world that can’t attend the show.



I am a huge fan of ‘zines; I have collected them from artists all over the world. I think there is something special about a little book that is handmade, and full of ideas and concept that perhaps didn’t fit into any other format or function. You don’t need a publishing contract or commercial funding; it’s completely DIY and open to your own interpretation.

This is my latest Zine titled, Mr Phoebus, which is inspired by Sir Edward Elgar, who affectionately nicknamed his Royal Sunbeam bicycle “Mr Phoebus”. It was on his long rides over the English countryside that Edward Elgar found his inspiration to create new melodies and orchestral tunes.

I love my bike, and especially love the way it can make me feel so free. Instead of only printing up a limited edition of 150, I wanted to share this with everyone… Please click the link for a free PDF download of  my newest zine; ‘Mr Phoebus’.



Otto and Spike are part of a growing international voice of artisan manufacturers practicing traditional crafts. Their work resonates with a new generation of consumers looking for products with provenance, and substance.

Otto and Spikes’s products are the result of forty years passionately devoted to knitting, their desire to operate outside the short life cycle of mass production and it’s reliance on disposability, and the skill and ingenuity of their staff.

Their products are beautifully finished and ethically produced from Australian and New Zealand premium surplus lambswool.

Recently I was invited to create a collection for Otto & Spike. Since I love to ride my bike every day, I wanted to design something for people that also share that love. Here are the scarves I recently created, and should be in stores soon for those in Australia, Canada & Japan.



Amber B Dianda - Bonjour!

For me, one of the great passions in life is to sit in my studio with a needle and thread, simply creating something that makes people smile. This is a skill that has been handed down from generation to generation, as both of my grandmothers were textile artists along with my mother and now myself.

This is my website, which houses all of my creatures, who are sewn with love, and created from felts and pre-loved fabrics. I am proud to continue the legacy of an ancient craft that once was considered a woman’s virtue, yet sadly is becoming forgotten.

My other love in life, photography will soon be featured on my site. In the meantime, and forever, the site will house my blog, including updates of illustrations, photography, sewn creatures, and coming features and projects. So please subscribe and most importantly, enjoy!


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