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Hello and welcome to the Amber B Bulletin. This a sampling of photo-shoots and creative endeavors that I took on over the past year. Have a look, be inspired, and remember to consider me as your next photographer.


Here is a sneak peek at the Jac Vanek Holiday ’14 and Spring ’15 photo-shoot. The images were featured at ENK in Las Vegas, and will be used throughout the catalog and marketing for the next two seasons.


Juxtapoz magazine had a full-length feature on the always entertaining Todd Francis. The interview takes an in-depth look at his career, including an interview by Jeremy Fish, with portraits shot by me.


Check out this larger-than-life photo of Amy Purdy that was featured in Times Square, NYC. This is a campaign that I shot for Element Eden, for the collection that Amy co-designed with them. I’m so proud of everything this amazing woman is doing, from competing at the Winter Olympics, to starring in Dancing With the Stars, and now launching her own book.


My husband and I recently got the green light to shoot a secret spot in Malibu. Here’s a few behind-the-scenes photos of Curren Caples, Rune Glifberg, and friends while Arto Saari and Kirk Dianda shoot the session for an upcoming Oakley ad campaign.


Here is a sampling of a few portraits that I shot recently. It’s inspiring, getting the chance to work with incredible people like Arto Saari, Jefferey Dietch, and Tony Hawk.


Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow Gallery asked me to be a part of the Art & Nature: New Contemporary exhibition. The show featured artists from all over the United States, and explored a contemporary interpretation of the natural world. I created a hand-sewn creature called Stumpy, who couldn’t understand why his girlfriend, Miss Chainsaw kept cutting him down.


I was also invited to exhibit at the Open House Creative ‘Print or Dye’ exhibition. Each artist on display explored unique ways of print making which made for an eclectic collection of art.


I’ve recently created a font made of worms that were hand cut to communicate sarcastic saying and things that people would normally be too shy to say. Check out the ongoing Wormhole series on my Instagram, and let me know what you want them to say next.


Here’s Wende Zomnir, the founder of Urban Decay Cosmetics, in the new flagship store in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. This portrait and interior shots were featured in an L.A. Times article highlighting Wende, her brand, and store opening. I love meeting and working with inspiring people like Wendy who follow their passions.


Here is a stop-motion animation I created from paper to showcase my photography business. In case you missed the short movie, you can check it out here.

I also got the chance to create a stop motion animation for the lovely girls over at Open House Creative. Inspired by their incredible space and all the wonderful creativity that happens there. You can see more of my animations here.

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To recap a wonderful year, I would like to share some of the highlights from 2012. Last year was awesome and I’m really enthusiastic that 2013 will be bigger and better. Thank you for all your love and support, i truly appreciate being a part of a network of inspirational and motivated people. – Amber B


The Element Eden Spring ’13 campaign was shot in Joshua Tree, CA. These photos will be featured throughout Eden’s website, and in printed media, including Foam and Nylon magazine. The campaign was extra special, as I had the chance to collaborate with the amazing artist, Juliana Neufeld who created the illustrations that are featured on top of my photos.

Photographer: Amber B DiAnda
Artist: Juliana Neufeld
Make-up and Hair: Sandy Ganzer
Styling: Williams and Cook
Model: Rayne Ivanushka @ FORD Models

The Element Eden x Jac Vanek x Zumiez collaboration was shot in Downtown LA. Element and Jac Vanek created an exclusive collection for Zumiez, featuring the multi-talented Jac Vanek as the designer and model. Stay tuned for the full collection, collaboration, and campaign later this year.

Photographer: Amber B DiAnda
Model: Jac Vanek
Make up: Kirin Bhatty
Hair: Gabbi Pascua
Model: Jac Vanek

Kind Campaign is a movement and a documentary created by Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson which serves as an outlet for girls to share their stories, to learn from others’ experiences, to create awareness, healing and understanding about girl-against-girl crime. I documented their tour while visiting four schools in Seattle, WA.

During 2012 I’ve been collaborating with Valerie Killeen of BLEACHBLACK blogger fame, for the sister-site, SHELTERBLACK. Throughout the year, we shot intimate studio visits with Ed and Deanna Templeton, Claudio Kirac, Lisa Solberg, Mary and Ryan Kingman, and Chad Muska, and are planning some more exciting visits for 2013.

The Element Eden Holiday ’12 Amy Purdy shoot was shot at Lake Gregory, California. It is always incredible to work with snowboarder, inspiration speaker, Amazing Race star, and double-amputee; Amy Purdy.

Photographer: Amber B DiAnda.
Videographer: Kirk Dianda.
Model: Amy Purdy.

Studio shoot with fashion blogger Amber Saylor.

Photographer: Amber B Dianda.
Stylist: Amber Saylor
Model: Amber Saylor


My husband Kirk DiAnda and I collaborated on a stop-start animated music video for the Japanther song “Come Back Home”. We launched the video on Noisey/ along with a live launch at The Smell in LA with money raised being donated to the depression and anxiety charity,

Our Japanther music video was also featured at the Linoleum Film Festival in  Russia, and the Role Palyback exhibition in Wisconsin, USA.

I was honored to write and direct The Eden Video, which documents the humble beginnings of Element Eden. The story is told through a short narrative, cut to a hand-made animation, both created by myself and co-creator, Kirk DiAnda. The short-film premiered at a private party and fashion show, and then released alongside a series of shorts called, behind-the-seamsSee my behind the seams feature here.

Here is a new AB creature, Even Ghosts have Freckles that was featured at the “1975 IS HAUNTED” exhibition in Rochester, NY! See more of my creatures and read their stories here.

I’m really passionate about self publishing and was able to add two new fan zines to my collection this past year; “Hooray for Phobias” and “Come Back Home”. Each zine is collated and sewn by hand.


Photographer feature in the Australian magazine; Yen.

Element Eden ads featuring photography by Amber B DiAnda in Nylon.

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Wishing you a peaceful and happy New Year. – xAB.


Creating the Japanther music video has  been a very emotional journey for me. In doing this project I have come to realize that even though depression and anxiety isn’t openly discussed in our society, it is a subject that is very close to the hearts of people that have been affected by it either directly or indirectly. The amount of people that have reached out and shared their stories have been overwhelming, and I really appreciate all the love and support we have had from all our friends and family.

I want to send a very special thank you to all the people that watched our video, “Come Back Home” and bought a zine or animation cel for charity, and to Japanther for putting on an awesome show and donating their ticket sales from the night.

We are very proud to say that together we raised $900 for our chosen depression and anxiety charity, Mentalpod is a free podcast out of LA curated by comedian Paul Gilmartin who records interviews exploring mental illness, addiction and depression, especially among creatives… Check it out, it’s amazing.

I really hope our small donation will help people silently struggling with depression and anxiety, to reach out for help and know you are not alone.

Special thank you to Noisey, Vice Magazine, Juxtapoz, The Blackmail, Monster Children, Color Magazine, Bleachblack, and Fecal Face for all your love in helping us get our video out there.

And last of all I want to say thank you to my husband, Kirk Dianda for being such a huge inspiration to me everyday. I just adore you.

In memory of Beau Velasco – may you rest in peace homie.

Thanks again for all your love and support everyone!!

With love xa


These are the one-of-a-kind animation cels from the Japanther music video “Come Back Home”. The music video was made with the classic stop-motion style, where each frame is cut out of paper and shot, then moved and shot again until it resembles a moving image.

There are 15 different animation cels available, and each is unique (1 of 1). The cel comes framed and signed by the moi, and also includes a limited edition ‘zine. The ‘zine features still frames from the music video, and photos by Ian Vanek from Japanther.

Money from the sale of the animation cells and ‘zines will be donated to a depression and anxiety charity.


In homage to Beau Velasco, Brooklyn Punk band, Japanther wrote the song, “Come Back Home”. The song spoke directly to our hearts, and so, Kirk and I were inspired to create a very special stop-motion animation for the music video.

On April 25th at The Smell in Los Angeles, the music video will be played, with a live set by Japanther and special guests, Boys Who Say No.

Vice Mag and will be doing an exclusive global online launch on April 23rd.

For more information on the music video, click here:

Why Did the Chicken cross the Road? Buy it here!

Wind beneath your wings. Buy it here!

Japanther Font. Buy it here!

Tia Tequila! Buy it here!

The Meeting. Buy it here!

Roadkill. Buy it here!

Digesting thoughts. Buy it here!

Chook Eeek! Buy it here!

Chorus #1. Buy it here!

Gutty Whuts. Buy it here!

Chorus #2. Buy it here!

Reunited. Buy it here!

Till Death Do Us Part. Buy it here!

This is the End. Buy it here!




We launched the “Come Back Home” animated music video for Japanther last night at The Smell. A huge turn out, punk rock and mosh pits made for a really fun evening!

A very special thank you goes out to Noisey for all their love and support, Japanther for putting on such an amazing show, and all the rad kids that rocked up and bought zines for charity.

There was so much love in the room for our dear friend Beau… We miss you like crazy. xox

Opening band, “Boys Who Say No” were awesome!

Ian Vanek from Japanther!

Kirkasaurus and Ira keeping shit under control in the sound booth.

Free plants for Japanther fans.

Danny was so rad! Keep an ear out for his band Brannigans Law

Ian Vanek introduced our music video, “Come Back Home” by Japanther.

Punk Rock and Mosh Pits!



Hello friends and family,
I wanted to share my latest collaboration… A music video for the song “Come Back Home” by JapantherVice Magazine and have exclusively released the music video, which can be viewed below.


“Come Back Home”
Beets, Limes & Rice
Stop Motion animation by:
Amber B Dianda
Edited by:
Kirk Dianda


Japanther is a band / art project, established by Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the band has been described as, “Super hard, incredibly fast and overall inspiring” by Thrasher Magazine. Their latest album Beets, Limes and Rice, is a celebration of ten years in the underground and an ultra-contemporary meditation on “catharsis and being in love in a time of darkness.”


In a homage to Beau Velasco, Japanther wrote the song, “Come Back Home”. Beau was a very special creature; compassionate, full of love, crazy and creative as hell. I met him when I was only 17 years old, and consider him a beloved friend to this day. As long as I knew him, he struggled with anxiety and depression, and three years ago, sadly, he lost that fight. The song spoke directly to our heart, and so, Kirk and I were inspired to create a music video.


The video is created with the stop-motion style. Painstakingly, each frame is cut out of paper and shot, then moved and shot again until it resembles a moving image, like vintage cartoons. It took over 2000 frames to create the music video, and was edited by the handsome Kirk Dianda.


If you are interested in helping support us, here are some fun ways…


Come to the gig!
We will be launching the “Come Back Home” music video on April 25th with Japanther in LA at The Smell.


Buy a Zine!
I have made a special edition zine for the event, featuring still frames from the animated music video, and photos by Ian Vanek from Japanther. Money from the sale of the zines will be donated to a depression and anxiety charity. Click here to purchase a Zine, They are numbered and signed, in a limited edition of 150 @ $5 each.


Buy an animation cel!
These are the original 15 cels used in the animation. They will be framed and signed with all proceeds being donated to charity. Click the link to own one here.


Spread the love and please come along if you’re in LA.


Let’s Party!


In homage to Beau Velasco, Japanther wrote the song, “Come Back Home”. The song spoke directly to my heart and so, Kirk and I were inspired to create a very special stop motion animation for the music video.

On April 25th at The Smell in Los Angeles, we will be launching the music video, with a live set by Japanther and special guests, Boys Who Say No.

I have made a special edition zine for the event featuring still frames from the animated music video and photos by Ian Vanek from Japanther. Money from the sale of the ‘zines will be donated to a depression and anxiety charity.

We will also be launching an ebay auction to sell some of one-of-a-kind cels from the animation, which will be framed and signed. All proceeds will be donated to charity!!

Spread the word and please come along to support!

EDEN: The Story of Element Eden

“Eden: The Story of Element Eden” is a short film that captures the story of Element’s women’s apparel brand, it’s family, Advocate program and vision to inspire girls on their own unique paths.  The film itself was co-directed by my handsome husband Kirk Dianda and myself. Over the course of the last two years we documented all the products and personalities behind the brand.  To string the story along, I created a set of handmade stop-motion animations that not only help tell the story of Eden, but also represent the brand’s quirky personality while detailing creativity and fashion.  Original soundtrack by  the Talented Loren Humphry.


With Skate Camp season around the corner, I’ve been scouting for a lucky kid to receive a scholarship to the Element YMCA Skate Camp with the funds raised by the Mr Big Sur event in December last year… And I found the winner! Her name is Victoria Ruesga, and she is 13yrs old.

I first saw Victoria compete at the Los Angeles, Make It Count event last year, and then again at the Santa Ana contest this year. Both times, her passion and talent for skateboarding caught my eye. She is definitely destined for big things.

Congratulations to Victoria for being so awesome! You get an all expenses paid  trip up to Element YMCA Skate Camp and a week among the beautiful Sequoia trees.

A very special thank you to all the Element Advocates that donated your time and talents to give a kid an experience of a lifetime… Brooke Reidt, Chad Eaton, Chad Muska, Juliana Neufeld, Matt Irving, Mike Kershnar, Miya Ando and Todd Francis, you guys rock.

Also special shout out to Elemental Awareness for all the awesome things you guys do for the local communities and kids. It’s what you guys do every day that inspired this exhibition. So, thank you.

Also, check out this video I found of Victoria Ruesga skating at the North Hollywood Skate Plaza – Victoria Ruesga At North Hollywood Plaza.  It’s so rad!