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We launched the “Come Back Home” animated music video for Japanther last night at The Smell. A huge turn out, punk rock and mosh pits made for a really fun evening!

A very special thank you goes out to Noisey for all their love and support, Japanther for putting on such an amazing show, and all the rad kids that rocked up and bought zines for charity.

There was so much love in the room for our dear friend Beau… We miss you like crazy. xox

Opening band, “Boys Who Say No” were awesome!

Ian Vanek from Japanther!

Kirkasaurus and Ira keeping shit under control in the sound booth.

Free plants for Japanther fans.

Danny was so rad! Keep an ear out for his band Brannigans Law

Ian Vanek introduced our music video, “Come Back Home” by Japanther.

Punk Rock and Mosh Pits!



Hello friends and family,
I wanted to share my latest collaboration… A music video for the song “Come Back Home” by JapantherVice Magazine and have exclusively released the music video, which can be viewed below.


“Come Back Home”
Beets, Limes & Rice
Stop Motion animation by:
Amber B Dianda
Edited by:
Kirk Dianda


Japanther is a band / art project, established by Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the band has been described as, “Super hard, incredibly fast and overall inspiring” by Thrasher Magazine. Their latest album Beets, Limes and Rice, is a celebration of ten years in the underground and an ultra-contemporary meditation on “catharsis and being in love in a time of darkness.”


In a homage to Beau Velasco, Japanther wrote the song, “Come Back Home”. Beau was a very special creature; compassionate, full of love, crazy and creative as hell. I met him when I was only 17 years old, and consider him a beloved friend to this day. As long as I knew him, he struggled with anxiety and depression, and three years ago, sadly, he lost that fight. The song spoke directly to our heart, and so, Kirk and I were inspired to create a music video.


The video is created with the stop-motion style. Painstakingly, each frame is cut out of paper and shot, then moved and shot again until it resembles a moving image, like vintage cartoons. It took over 2000 frames to create the music video, and was edited by the handsome Kirk Dianda.


If you are interested in helping support us, here are some fun ways…


Come to the gig!
We will be launching the “Come Back Home” music video on April 25th with Japanther in LA at The Smell.


Buy a Zine!
I have made a special edition zine for the event, featuring still frames from the animated music video, and photos by Ian Vanek from Japanther. Money from the sale of the zines will be donated to a depression and anxiety charity. Click here to purchase a Zine, They are numbered and signed, in a limited edition of 150 @ $5 each.


Buy an animation cel!
These are the original 15 cels used in the animation. They will be framed and signed with all proceeds being donated to charity. Click the link to own one here.


Spread the love and please come along if you’re in LA.


Let’s Party!


In homage to Beau Velasco, Japanther wrote the song, “Come Back Home”. The song spoke directly to my heart and so, Kirk and I were inspired to create a very special stop motion animation for the music video.

On April 25th at The Smell in Los Angeles, we will be launching the music video, with a live set by Japanther and special guests, Boys Who Say No.

I have made a special edition zine for the event featuring still frames from the animated music video and photos by Ian Vanek from Japanther. Money from the sale of the ‘zines will be donated to a depression and anxiety charity.

We will also be launching an ebay auction to sell some of one-of-a-kind cels from the animation, which will be framed and signed. All proceeds will be donated to charity!!

Spread the word and please come along to support!


Here is a little “Behind The Seams” feature about the making of “Eden:The Story of Element Eden” and creating the stop motion animations for the film.

Filmed and edited by Kirk Dianda.
Music by Loren Humphrey.

Check out an interview over at the Eden blog here.
Enter for the chance to win an animation cell from the film here. Contest closes Jan 11th, 2012.

Watch the full length film here.

EDEN: The Story of Element Eden

“Eden: The Story of Element Eden” is a short film that captures the story of Element’s women’s apparel brand, it’s family, Advocate program and vision to inspire girls on their own unique paths.  The film itself was co-directed by my handsome husband Kirk Dianda and myself. Over the course of the last two years we documented all the products and personalities behind the brand.  To string the story along, I created a set of handmade stop-motion animations that not only help tell the story of Eden, but also represent the brand’s quirky personality while detailing creativity and fashion.  Original soundtrack by  the Talented Loren Humphry.


This December 1st, Element Eden will be releasing a self titled short film, “Eden – The Story of Element Eden”, which aims to capture the story of the brand, its family, and vision. In creating this project, I co-directed the film with my husband and filmmaker, Kirk Dianda. Together, we documented the spectrum of personalities, products, and stories, which will be set to an original soundtrack we co-directed with Lauren Humphrey.

To string the story along, I created a set of handmade stop-motion animations that not only help tell the story of Eden, but also present the brand’s quirky personality. The painstakingly hand-made paper cutouts, pieced together, are a perfect compliment to a story, detailing creativity and  fashion.


This is an animated intro I created as an intro for all my film and video projects. The entire animation consists of individual hand-cut pieces of paper, which I then shot individually. The process was time-consuming, but rewarding, as it’s an homage to the original stop-motion cartoons and short-films that we all grew up on.‬

‪Post production and editing by‬ ‪Kirk Dianda.‬

‪More coming soon!‬


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