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I would like to introduce you to my new creature RA! I think he really likes TRON and eating stuff.


In the past, I thought that the English, Australians, and Americans all spoke the same language, but recently I discovered this is not the case at all… Since moving to the United States, I found out that the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish is pronounced “Fil-ay O Fish”, not “Fill-itt O Fish”. But for me, the confusion didn’t stop there.

It seems that us Aussies are not only convicts of the southern hemisphere, but we also stole the English language, and ran amuck with it. Inventing strange words was something I didn’t even realize we (Aussies) did, since everyone around me spoke the same dialect too.

Now in America, if I say something like “sookie” or “pash rash”, all I get is that awkward laugh that people do when they have no idea what someone is saying. So to better the communication between Aussies and Yanks, every week I will post an Australian word and its translation, which should help everyone understand what the hell we are bloody talking about.

This week starts with “A”

Aye (ay) – means “what?” or “hey you” depending on the context.

Example – Aye, get off my wave.

Avos (av-oes) – means “avocados” Kinda obvious right? But not at my local fruit shop.

Example – I can’t believe how expensive these avos are.

Arvo (are-voe) – means “afternoon” and usually is combined with the word “beers” and/or “surf” to make “arvo beers”.

Example – After this barrel, I’m gonna get an arvo beer.

Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to next week’s lesson, where we explore the wonderful world of the letter “B”.



Amber B Dianda - Bonjour!

For me, one of the great passions in life is to sit in my studio with a needle and thread, simply creating something that makes people smile. This is a skill that has been handed down from generation to generation, as both of my grandmothers were textile artists along with my mother and now myself.

This is my website, which houses all of my creatures, who are sewn with love, and created from felts and pre-loved fabrics. I am proud to continue the legacy of an ancient craft that once was considered a woman’s virtue, yet sadly is becoming forgotten.

My other love in life, photography will soon be featured on my site. In the meantime, and forever, the site will house my blog, including updates of illustrations, photography, sewn creatures, and coming features and projects. So please subscribe and most importantly, enjoy!


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