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Once upon a time…

This is the trailer for “Eden”, a short-film that captures the story of Element’s women’s apparel brand and the family behind it.

I co-directed the film with my husband, Kirk Dianda. Together, we shot and edited the piece over the course of two years, as we documented all the products and personalities behind the brand. To string the story along, I created a set of handmade stop-motion animations, that not only help tell the story of Eden, but also represent the brand’s quirky personality, while detailing creativity and fashion.

Short film available on December 1st.


Directed by:

Amber B Dianda

Kirk Dianda


Music by:

Loren Humphrey




This is an animated intro I created as an intro for all my film and video projects. The entire animation consists of individual hand-cut pieces of paper, which I then shot individually. The process was time-consuming, but rewarding, as it’s an homage to the original stop-motion cartoons and short-films that we all grew up on.‬

‪Post production and editing by‬ ‪Kirk Dianda.‬

‪More coming soon!‬



Julian Christenson was the overall winner of the 2011 MAKE IT COUNT Contest Series, which took place at the Element YMCA Skate Camp in Sequoia, California.
The skating was insane and the scenery was beautiful. It is incredible to believe all these kids are un-sponsored and skating at this level.

Check out the portraits I shot of all the contestants here.

Music by: Loren Humphrey
“Final Fury”


Been working on a new Stop motion project… Can’t wait to show you guys!

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