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Standing on top of the Pirámide de la Luna at Teotihuacan in Mexico. During excavations of the Pyramid of the Moon, archeologists have found many tombs. One was dedicated to The Great Goddess which contained a single human male sacrificial victim as well as a wolf, puma, serpent, bird skeletons, and more than 400 other relics which include a large greenstone and obsidian figurines, ceremonial knives, and spear points. Mexico I love you.



We don’t usually shoot weddings but when we do it’s magical. So much love between these homesteaders living the dream among the Pistachio groves of Wolf Feather Honey Farms in Temecula, California.


Earlier this year I had the opportunity to shoot alongside Atiba Jefferson for the “Latch” campaign for a new sunglass from Oakley. The Latch project was formed by a unique collective; Eric Koston, Atiba Jefferson, Sean Malto, and Curren Caples. My images were used to tell the story of Atiba, Sean, and Curren working together, and can be seen in print media, social networks, the Latch website, and posted on personal social networks by Oakley’s athletes. It was incredible to watch someone like Atiba work his magic behind the lens… I’m such a huge fan of his vision and work ethic.

Check out the Latch video created by my handsome husband, Kirk Dianda, and a sneak peak into the commercial shoot in DTLA.

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