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Chad Muska, NYC, 2010.

‎” It is easier to judge somebody’s work than it is to have the confidence to put your own out. Give a compliment not critique.” – Chad Muska


Dylan Christopher is a 23-year old with a mission… He is riding his bicycle across the country, and documenting the entire voyage.

Based on a belief that life should be fun, passions should be pursued, and that there is only now; his travels will chronicle the nation’s opinion of these beliefs while promoting a sustainable, healthy, form of transportation. And to share his message and travels, Dylan is creating a documentary of his footage, photos, and stories as he rides his bike across the United States (hence the camera mounted on his helmet!).

Dylan’s route starts in San Francisco, Ca, and traverses from the west coast to the east, via San Diego, Arizona, Texas, New Orleans, and many other stops along the way, all the while, finishing in New York City. He will be visiting Apache reservations in San Carlos, a Navajo reservation in Window Rock, and hopes to experience all the beauty that the US has to offer along the way.

We caught up with Dylan on his way from San Fransico to San Diego to wish him well, and I snapped a couple of photos.

As an instructor for Elemental Awareness at the Element YMCA Skate Camp, the EA family have come together to sponsor Dylan’s adventure. Dylan welcomes anyone interested in getting involved, whether it be donations, providing a couch to sleep on along his journey, or sharing of useful information… If you’d like to help out in anyway possible, please contact him here.

Check out Dylan’s Website Picture Me Rollin’ for more details.

Be safe Dylan, and have fun! We’ll be watching as your travels unfold.


I’ve been posting a series called ‘The Office’ over at that features all the rad people that work in the Element office over here in Southern California.

First up, Hether Cook is one of my favorite people at the office. She has the sweetest smile, and creates the most awesome Eden clothes and accessories. Among the many  amazing talents that she possesses, Hether is also a karaoke master, and queen of vintage style.

Todd Larson is the Director and Co-Founder of the amazing charity, Elemental Awareness. Todd is a lot of fun around the office, but it’s when you see him in his raw surroundings of The Sequoia National Forest at Element YMCA Skate Camp that his true talent shines. During the Elemental Awareness classes at Skate Camp, Todd teaches kids how to make shelters in the forest, collect food, and make fire, all in order to survive in nature.

Todd and Elemental Awareness also hold skate competitions that raise money for local charities and communities, and help send underprivileged kids to Skate Camp. Check out for more.

Valerie Killeen is the Senior Apparel Designer at Element Skateboards, and a fashion industry veteran. She created the blog, BLEACHBLACK which has become the go-to site for fashion aficionados, style scouts, and trend hunters. But like most creatives, Valeries has a dark hidden secret… She loves Justin Bieber!

Follow Valerie on twitter here!

I first met Matt Ward last summer up at Element YMCA Skate camp were he was a Skate Camp councillor. Matt was so awesome that we stole him from Skate Camp and now he is  our in-house pirate.  Anytime you want something done, this is the guy that will make it happen.

Esther Kim is the Graphic Designer for Eden, she’s the one that creates all the cute graphics based fashion T’s! She also collaborates with Eden Advocate, Brooke Reidt to create the awesome Advocate T-shirts. Things you might not know about Esther is that she is a major nerd that loves Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and comic books!

Charlie Manos is the Chief Designer of shoes at Element, creating some of the coolest shoes ever. The new Emerald collection has an incredible story behind the designs, and look and feel amazing.

After I shot this picture, somebody dropped off some used Element shoes to Charlie, as he studies their wear and tear for future design improvements… I have never seen someone so excited over old smelly sneakers! hehe.

Wendy Choi is our Design Director of Element Eden, which means she is the lady that overseas all the awesome garment designs. She collects statuettes of cats, and recently scored the coolest kitten stools from Japan while there on a research trip… I think she may have the best job in the world!

On any given day in the office, Filipa da Silva is designing new garments, creating color ways, making corrections to prototypes, and is constantly researching for new inspirations and trends. She also travels to some of the most amazing cities around the world, researching fashion styles, which she then infuses into the beautiful Eden range.

Things you might not know about Filipa is she grew up in Portugal, and is also a very talented fine artist.

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