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Mr. Dianda and I had the privilege of directing and shooting the global campaign for Oakley’s Olympic Green Fade eyewear. The campaign rolled out with an Olympic athlete commercial and then continued during the Olympic blackout period with a BTS commercial with non-competing athletes and three box videos featuring Oakley’s Olympic garment line and matching Green Fade eyewear. It was an absolute pleasure working with some of the world’s greatest athletes for these pieces, and we’re so happy how it all rolled out. Special thanks to our incredible team.


I had the opportunity to shoot some behind the scenes for the Adidas, Away Days film directed by the super talented Matt Irving. Matt had organized a special visitor on set to surprise the boys, and lots of laughs and mischief ensued. Check out Away Days on iTunes!


You know when you get a group of super talented people together to collaborate and the end result makes you feel happy and stoked on life! This was one of those jobs. We shot Chas Christiansen ripping around SF with the dream team; A big thank you to Michael Martin from Mash SF,  Gabe Morford, the handsome Kirk Dianda, Steve Blick, and Illian Ramirez, and a special thank you to Oakley Bike! Lets go ride!

JAPAN 2016

Takeshita Street, Harajuku.

We had the opportunity to travel to Japan for work this month. I’ve always loved the equal amounts of tradition and technology that you find in every aspect of life in Japan. The reverance and passion for food, aesthetics, architecture, nature and cuteness is contagious. Here’s a photo journal of our explorations.


Traditional Japanese wedding at Yoyogi Park.



Earlier this year I had the opportunity to shoot alongside Atiba Jefferson for the “Latch” campaign for a new sunglass from Oakley. The Latch project was formed by a unique collective; Eric Koston, Atiba Jefferson, Sean Malto, and Curren Caples. My images were used to tell the story of Atiba, Sean, and Curren working together, and can be seen in print media, social networks, the Latch website, and posted on personal social networks by Oakley’s athletes. It was incredible to watch someone like Atiba work his magic behind the lens… I’m such a huge fan of his vision and work ethic.

Check out the Latch video created by my handsome husband, Kirk Dianda, and a sneak peak into the commercial shoot in DTLA.

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