Element just released its new line of skate obstacles, called “DROP SPOT”. We shot the commercial series in San diego at the Transworld warehouse.

Kirk Dianda, Ricki Bedenbaugh and Marc Falkenstien directed and shot the commercials together. The stars of the shoot were Chad Tim Tim, Vanessa Torres, Julian Davidson, Lacey Baker and Levi Brown, plus Ryan Dewitt who kept everyone out of trouble.

It was a long day of shooting, but the end result, edited by Kirk Dianda, looks really cool. Check out the commercial here or catch it on FUEL, and below are some behind-the-scenes photos from the day.


Kirk Dianda.

MF attending to the finer details.

Lacey, Ricki, Dewitt and Raccoon.

Nick and Julian.

On set.

Julain Davidson.

Directors; Marc, Ricki, and Kirk.

Lacey Baker.


Vanessa & Lacey’s Hackey Sack showdown.

Julian Davidson.


Chad Tim Tim.

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