Element recently launched its new line of clothes; the Element Emerald Collection, a consciously crafted mens lifestyle product line.

With a commitment to eco sustainability in the production of the garments, the line is the brainchild of Element Founder and President, Johnny Schillereff, while the clothing is designed by Valerie Killeen, and footwear by Charlie Manos, with art direction by Bobby Sattler, featuring photography by the amazing Brian Gaberman, and artwork by Thomas Campbell.

For the official launch of the collection, we all flew out to New York, and took over Saturdays surf store for a private presentation of the line, a fashion show, followed up by a party that was open to the public. If you made it by, then you’re walking on sunshine, because anyone who showed up was given a complimentary pair of Emerald shoes.

When it was all said and done, we came home, totally inspired by the entire experience.

Thank you Element, New York City, and of course, Saturdays.

Check out more photos here.

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