We invite you to a charity event to celebrate Elemental Awareness!

Earlier this year, we spent a couple of weeks up at the Element YMCA Skate Camp in the Sequoia National Forest, which was an amazing experience to say the least.

The huge Sequoia trees are hundreds, if not thousands of years old, and you’re surrounded in the fresh mountain air, all of which brings a new meaning to life. But the most inspiring thing, is the group of people that spend their summer there, committed to mentoring kids at camp; educating and inspiring them to develop self-esteem, social and environmental awareness, and giving them the tools to lead successful lives.

Inspired by the Sequoia trees at Skate Camp, Amber B is creating a huge tree installation called “Mr Big Sur” that will be adorned with seed pods, especially created by the Element Advocates. The Mr Big Sur seed pods will be sold to raise money for Elemental Awareness, helping send underprivileged kids to Skate Camp.

The following Element Advocates have kindly donated their creative talents to help raise money for EA and Skate Camp: Amber B, Brooke Reidt, Bunny, Chad Eaton, Chad Muska, Juliana Neufeld, Matt Irving, Mike Kershnar, Miya Ando, and Todd Francis.

The opening reception will be on December 2nd, from 6 – 10pm, located at SEED People’s Market, Orange County’s premier eco-friendly department store. The installation will then be open, with seed pods for sale, from December 2nd to December 31st.

Please show your support by purchasing a special seed pod, and help send a kid to Skate Camp for an experience of a life time.


Opening Reception

December 2nd, 6 – 10pm

2937 Bristol Street

Costa Mesa, CA 92626-7995

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  1. EDGAR
    November 15, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    FUTURE IS NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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