My husband, Kirk Dianda shot and edited this beautiful piece called “Respect your Roots”. It celebrates 30 years of skateboarding photography through the lens of iconic skate photographer Skin Phillips, with the release of a special edition shoe. Here’s a photo I shot of Skin looking through his incredible archives of slide film after we shot his interview at his home in Southern California.



In my spare time I’ve been experimenting with ceramics. I can’t believe it took me this long to fall in love with clay. <3



Standing on top of the Pirámide de la Luna at Teotihuacan in Mexico. During excavations of the Pyramid of the Moon, archeologists have found many tombs. One was dedicated to The Great Goddess which contained a single human male sacrificial victim as well as a wolf, puma, serpent, bird skeletons, and more than 400 other relics which include a large greenstone and obsidian figurines, ceremonial knives, and spear points. Mexico I love you.

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