Earlier this year I had the opportunity to shoot alongside Atiba Jefferson for the “Latch” campaign for a new sunglass from Oakley. The Latch project was formed by a unique collective; Eric Koston, Atiba Jefferson, Sean Malto, and Curren Caples. My images were used to tell the story of Atiba, Sean, and Curren working together, and can be seen in print media, social networks, the Latch website, and posted on personal social networks by Oakley’s athletes. It was incredible to watch someone like Atiba work his magic behind the lens… I’m such a huge fan of his vision and work ethic.

Check out the Latch video created by my handsome husband, Kirk Dianda, and a sneak peak into the commercial shoot in DTLA.



After months of planning, my husband and I decided to section-hike the John Muir Trail during July and August of 2015. The JMT is a 211 mile section of breathtaking alpine landscapes, nestled in the middle of the high Sierras, and only reachable by foot (or horse).


Day 3, and we are finally getting our hiking legs. This was Silver Pass at 10,700 with Lake of The Lone Indian in the background. After hiking most of the day during thunderstorms, it was incredible to see blue skies. Marmots, squirrels, and baby chipmunks everywhere!


“Few places in this world are more dangerous than home. Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes. They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action.” – John Muir


Evolution Lake at 10,860 feet elevation. It was here that Theodore Solomons, the visionary of the John Muir Trail, named the first six peaks of the Evolution Range after the most prominent figures in the new field of evolutionary biology; Darwin, Fiske, Haeckel, Huxley, Spencer, and Wallace. I left part of my soul here.


Things I learned on the trail…
1. Marmots steal socks.
2. Thunderstorms are scary at high altitudes.
3. I can hike faster when mozzies are chasing me.
4. I’m married to the most beautiful man (I already knew that).
5. Alpine chipmunks can make me smile no matter how tired and exhausted I am.
6. I am stronger and tougher than I ever imagined.
7. Finding flat-ground for your tent really does matter.
8. After hiking all day, the physical exhaustion leads to a lovely peacefulness.
9. Noises in the night could just be the wind, or a bear breaking into your food.


On our second-to-last night on the JMT we got stuck at 11,000 feet during a lighting storm while climbing the arduous ‘Golden Staircase’. It wasn’t safe to attempt the pass so we setup camp in the rain at Palisades Lake next to a marmot family. It rained and hailed all night. When you’re at that elevation, the lightning claps feel like a sonic boom going through your body. We heard two helicopter rescues that day. Very grateful to have made it home safely.


This is my favorite photo from the trail. It’s pretty easy to take a beautiful landscape photo out there, but what you don’t usually see is the bloody heels, weeks of sweat, and literal tears it takes to hike these incredible mountains and survive in the wilderness.


Bush socks!


This was the view from our campsite at Starr Camp. We had hiked from Evolution lake earlier that day, and crossed Muir pass at over 12,000 feet, which are two of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. When we arrived at Starr, we had enough time to set up camp, make dinner, see a mum marmot feed her two noisy babies, and watch an older man teabag the creek in front of two startled young female campers, all before we fell asleep at 7pm.


This is Lilia, a true badass that works for the National Parks Services. I met Lilia when I was climbing the “Golden Staircase” which is known as an arduous climb for southbound travelers on the JMT… Lilia not only climbed the Golden Staircase that day, she was on top of it, swinging a sledgehammer to break up rocks to repair the trail. What an incredible woman.


Every muscle in my body hurts from hiking at high altitude and lugging our 40-pound backpacks, but I feel so grateful to be out here in the wilderness. This is Muir Pass; it was like we were walking on the moon.


The things we saw along the way, we will cherish forever. It’s comforting to know that these beautiful places exist and that when life gets too hectic, we can close our eyes and feel the mountains embrace and protect us.


As a homage to Ryan Dewitt, we packed one of his famous plaid shirts with us on our trip… When you pack for a backpacking trip, every ounce counts since you’re hauling the weight on your back, over the most rugged terrain you’ve ever met, day after day. Carrying Ryan’s plaid shirt with us was a way of saying we love and miss you Dewitt.


This was our last day as we descended 6,000 ft from the John Muir Trail and back into civilization. There was a thunderstorm rolling in on the left which was setting off flash flood warnings on our phones, but this little red baby volcano was showing us the way home. I knew the JMT would kick our butts and throw us deep into the unknown, but i didn’t expect to come home and feel homesick for the mountains (even though I had never been there before). Cant wait to go back again next year!!



For its closing weekend, May 8-10, Oakley In Residence: Los Angeles celebrates LA WOMAN – a homage to the art of female skateboarding, featuring the stars and scenery of the city where it all began. Curated by photographer Amber B DiAnda, the exhibition is a modern day love letter to the city of angels. Featuring six photographers and one filmmaker, including the likes of Deanna Templeton, Magdalena Wosinska, Molly Steele, Imogen Barron, Andrea DoSouto and Lisa Whitaker. LA WOMAN highlights the exploration of landscapes, liberty, and ladies of the skate scene, reminding us of the co-existence associated with creative expression and our cultural surroundings.

Thank you to all the incredible woman that helped make this exhibition so awesome. I am eternally grateful for all your love and support. xa




My new campaign for Jac Vanek Spring 2015 has just launched. Thank you to my amazing team – Models – Remington Victoria & Jillian Kate, Hair – Anthony Cress, Make up – Afton Williams, Stylist – Chanel Gibbons.


Hello and welcome to the Amber B Bulletin. This a sampling of photo-shoots and creative endeavors that I took on over the past year. Have a look, be inspired, and remember to consider me as your next photographer.


Here is a sneak peek at the Jac Vanek Holiday ’14 and Spring ’15 photo-shoot. The images were featured at ENK in Las Vegas, and will be used throughout the catalog and marketing for the next two seasons.


Juxtapoz magazine had a full-length feature on the always entertaining Todd Francis. The interview takes an in-depth look at his career, including an interview by Jeremy Fish, with portraits shot by me.


Check out this larger-than-life photo of Amy Purdy that was featured in Times Square, NYC. This is a campaign that I shot for Element Eden, for the collection that Amy co-designed with them. I’m so proud of everything this amazing woman is doing, from competing at the Winter Olympics, to starring in Dancing With the Stars, and now launching her own book.


My husband and I recently got the green light to shoot a secret spot in Malibu. Here’s a few behind-the-scenes photos of Curren Caples, Rune Glifberg, and friends while Arto Saari and Kirk Dianda shoot the session for an upcoming Oakley ad campaign.


Here is a sampling of a few portraits that I shot recently. It’s inspiring, getting the chance to work with incredible people like Arto Saari, Jefferey Dietch, and Tony Hawk.


Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow Gallery asked me to be a part of the Art & Nature: New Contemporary exhibition. The show featured artists from all over the United States, and explored a contemporary interpretation of the natural world. I created a hand-sewn creature called Stumpy, who couldn’t understand why his girlfriend, Miss Chainsaw kept cutting him down.


I was also invited to exhibit at the Open House Creative ‘Print or Dye’ exhibition. Each artist on display explored unique ways of print making which made for an eclectic collection of art.


I’ve recently created a font made of worms that were hand cut to communicate sarcastic saying and things that people would normally be too shy to say. Check out the ongoing Wormhole series on my Instagram, and let me know what you want them to say next.


Here’s Wende Zomnir, the founder of Urban Decay Cosmetics, in the new flagship store in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. This portrait and interior shots were featured in an L.A. Times article highlighting Wende, her brand, and store opening. I love meeting and working with inspiring people like Wendy who follow their passions.


Here is a stop-motion animation I created from paper to showcase my photography business. In case you missed the short movie, you can check it out here.

I also got the chance to create a stop motion animation for the lovely girls over at Open House Creative. Inspired by their incredible space and all the wonderful creativity that happens there. You can see more of my animations here.

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Check out the new DC Shoes commercial for The Trase, created and directed by the handsome Kirk Dianda. We shot this project in studio over the span of a week with an amazing team and an arsenal of dream cameras. I have to say it’s one of the most fun and messy shoots I’ve ever been on. A big thank you to Ryan Young for your camera expertise, EJ for being the best Producer we’ve had the chance to work with, Deven Stephens for being down to create all these incredible visuals, and everyone else that made this happen.

Here are some behind the scenes photos I shot while on set.

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