We travelled to Santa Barbara for a photo shoot last week.

This guy was one of the locals.

Disco Spider

Woodpeckers make holes in the trees to hide nuts in there.

There were Zebras at the ranch, and everyone laughed at how i pronounced Zebra.

Something must have died.

Dream house.

Fresh produce from the farm.

This is what perfect love looks like.


Hummingbirds live on sugar, and are always only hours away from starvation (because their metabolism is so fast). They rush to have their last feeding as the sun goes down, and survive at nite by slowing their heart beat down. They go into a kind of coma until the morning when they can start feeding again.


We met up with CK while he was in town shooting for Billabong… He will always be one of those people that I will hold dearly in my heart. A true creative and inspiration.

Check out his blog, it’s awesome.


Been feeling really homesick this week… Not sure if it’s the winter blues made worst by seeing friends and families summer photos from home or cleaning out my photo archives and finding beautiful images like this. Missing those northeasterly breezes on a warm summers night on the GC. x


Happy New Year!!

Our friend’s mum has made these amazing calendars of her cat, Mr. Murphy. Each month has Mr. Murphy sporting a themed costume; from Uncle Sam on July to the Easter Bunny in April, you name it, Mr. Murphy rocks it. It’s the must have of 2011, every other calendar is so last year.

If you are interested in buying one of these master pieces, click the link here.

You can also follow Mr. Murphy Cat on twitter here.

Hope everyone’s dreams come true for 2011.

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