Happy New Year!!

Our friend’s mum has made these amazing calendars of her cat, Mr. Murphy. Each month has Mr. Murphy sporting a themed costume; from Uncle Sam on July to the Easter Bunny in April, you name it, Mr. Murphy rocks it. It’s the must have of 2011, every other calendar is so last year.

If you are interested in buying one of these master pieces, click the link here.

You can also follow Mr. Murphy Cat on twitter here.

Hope everyone’s dreams come true for 2011.



This is what we wake up to every morning! They are smaller than your thumb, and their wings sound like blow flies buzzing. They are very territorial, and when they cheap at each other it sounds like attacking X-Wing fighters from Star Wars.

Click the link above to watch a little movie I shot of them on my phone.


While in Palm Springs we went to the Air Museum. I feel confused and don’t understanding mankind’s inclination toward war, but after visiting the museum,  I can appreciate the hardships the men and women went through. Most of the planes on display were from World War II, and featured visual reenactments of the period. Sexism and racism were common during that time, which really made me appreciate the liberal freedom we have today.




Over the past year Ricki has been filming for QUATTRO, which has just been released. To celebrate the launch of the DVD, Ricki and the team made these rad DVD covers from the boards that were skated by Chad Tim Tim, Darrell Stanton and Levi Brown during the filming of their video parts. The team recycled the decks, and then handcrafted them along with Paul Schmitt to create these special edition Quattro DVD cases. Each of the 35 DVD Decks comes with a letter of authenticity, signed and numbered by the rider.

You can win one of these limited edition Quattro DVD cases at Transworld Skateboarding and Element Skateboards.

Watch the making of here.

Watch the QUATTRO trailer here.


AB x DWR x Coca Cola

I recently got to work with one of my favorite furniture companies, Design Within Reach. They collaborated with Coca Cola to make the 111 Navy chair which is made of 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles. They then chose 111 of the leading architects, designers, and other professionals to test drive the chair, and do an accompanying interview.

I am among the first group of people they have posted on their blog so far, along with Nigel Barker from America’s Next Top Model, Jean Aw from, and Jarret Reynolds, the Design Director of Nike Sportswear.

Check it out here!!

Photos by the handsome Kirk Dianda.

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