New studio space… Let’s see how long it stays this clean!


Some people you meet in life instantly become family, and Ella Parsons is one of those people to me. I met Ella when I was a young wipper snapper of eighteen, and she has always represented what it is to be a strong women. I haven’t seen her since her son passed away last year, so you can imagine, there were lots of stories with tears and laughs when she came to visit.

Thank you for all the love and support over the years Ella; may I send it back to you a hundred fold. xox


If you can keep a secret, I would like to introduce to you Mr Unhappy Tree & Axel the Axe. I created them especially for the “Happy Tree” Element Advocate exhibition at Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Australia. This is just the zine… There will be creature photos and event details coming soon.


Miya Ando is of a Japanese and Russian heritage, and is a decendant of Bizen sword-maker, Ando Yoshiro Masakatsu. She was raised among sword-smiths turned Buddhist priests in Okayama, Japan. Of which you can see, inspires her creativity today… She is a metal worker that creates pieces, that upon viewing make you contemplate the simplicity in life.

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, we recently visited Miya in her studio. Here are some of the images i captured of her and her work.

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