We shot an Element commercial during the week, and by we, I mean a group of  creative rat-bags. The day was long, but was one of the most fun shoots I have ever worked on!

I will post the behind-the-scenes photos when the commercial airs on June 1st, but for now I’ll share the Polaroids portraits I took of each person .

The photo above is the Mr Ryan Dewitt; Element team manager and avid bird watcher.

Kirk Dianda; director and raccoon (and my handsome husband).

Chad Tim Tim; pro skater and all around gentleman.

Ricki Bedenbaugh; very tall film-maker and Coors enthusiast.

Vanessa Torres; pro skater  and mischief maker.

Marc Falkenstien, aka Mr. Fantastic; media director and man of many trades.

Julian Davidson; amateur skateboarder and music aficionado.

Nick Garcia; amateur skateboarder and super star.

Lacey Baker; female skateboard phenomenon.

Levi Brown; star gazer and pro skater.


  1. Eddie
    May 7, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Where’s my photo? I guess you lost it. hahaha

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