Road Trip 2011-2012

We hit the road at 5am, heading north on Interstate 5.

Endless landscapes and snow on the I – 5 highway.

First stop Monterey Bay – beautiful and full of wildness.

Monterey locals are handsome!

American seagulls are huge and really noisy.

American seagulls also really like bread.

Harbor Seal Beach… I wouldn’t feel chunky sun baking with these guys!

We did the 17 Mile drive at Pebble Beach on our bikes! It was freezing and beautiful. We saw Otters, Sealions and Deers.

FYI, This Lone Cypress Tree is actually trademarked and not alone at all.

I left my soul here.

I  love my handsome husband.

Point Lobos is breathtaking. We consider ourselves ‘professional’ Otter Spotters as we saw 8 Wild Sea Otters during this short hike and even beat the local ranger in finding them!

It makes me feel calm to think that this place exists when everything is hectic around me.

Andrew Molera hike. We’re coming back to camp here, it was so beautiful and had lots of squirrels!

The surf was pumping bro!

When things get tuff in my world I’m going to think of this rock and remember that it has braved hundreds of years of brutal winds and wild oceans and yet still stands strong.

We got the chance to hang out with Mr. Big Sur aka Sequoia sempervirens. He’s pretty tall and handsome unlike his chunky cousin General Sherman from the Sequoia National Park in the mountains.

This is the man that inspires everything.

Wish i was a squirrel so i could climb to the top of these ancient Redwood trees!

We went scouting for Banana Slugs! Love these guys.

Winter colors. We saw Grey Whales migrating to Mexico and California condors gliding the cold winds.

This view was worth the vertical climb back to the car… I remember watching the seaweed peacefully swaying in the water and thinking, I needed to learn how to do that.

God, I love this man.

Big Sur, you are ridiculous and I love you.

If you squint your eyes you can see Australia!

Imagine how long it’s been since someone has set foot on that isolated beach… Maybe never.

This guy is as long as our car… He smells like rotten fish and seems crabby but I still love him.

Santa Barbara. We climbed those mountains in the background. Don’t believe any of the forums that say ‘Inspiration hike’ is easy.

Kayaking with Rexy… We had a family of Sea lions swim all around us and another honk at us from the buoy.

Thank you for such a magical road trip my love xox

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