While in New York, we went to the Alexander McQueen exhibition, “Savage Beauty” which is at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and on display until August 7th, 2011.

For me, seeing The Razor-Clam Shells Dress, from the “VOSS”  Spring/Summer 2001 range, absolutely blew my mind. It was breathtaking, and I came out of there with a feeling of creative urgency, needing to push harder, and chase my dreams.

In McQueen’s words:

“My friend George and I were walking on the beach in Norfolk, and there were thousands of [razor-clam] shells. They were so beautiful, I thought I had to do something with them. So, we decided to make [a dress] out of them. . . . The shells had outlived their usefulness on the beach, so we put them to another use on a dress. Then Erin [O’Conner] came out and trashed the dress, so their usefulness was over once again. Kind of like fashion, really.” – WWD, September 28, 2000

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