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You know when you get a group of super talented people together to collaborate and the end result makes you feel happy and stoked on life! This was one of those jobs. We shot Chas Christiansen ripping around SF with the dream team; A big thank you to Michael Martin from Mash SF,  Gabe Morford, the handsome Kirk Dianda, Steve Blick, and Illian Ramirez, and a special thank you to Oakley Bike! Lets go ride!


Otto and Spike are part of a growing international voice of artisan manufacturers practicing traditional crafts. Their work resonates with a new generation of consumers looking for products with provenance, and substance.

Otto and Spikes’s products are the result of forty years passionately devoted to knitting, their desire to operate outside the short life cycle of mass production and it’s reliance on disposability, and the skill and ingenuity of their staff.

Their products are beautifully finished and ethically produced from Australian and New Zealand premium surplus lambswool.

Recently I was invited to create a collection for Otto & Spike. Since I love to ride my bike every day, I wanted to design something for people that also share that love. Here are the scarves I recently created, and should be in stores soon for those in Australia, Canada & Japan.