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Every year Transworld holds a competition called Skate & Create. This year Element Skateboards was invited to partake, and my handsome husband, Kirk DiAnda wrote and directed the piece.

Featuring the Element team; Boo Johnson, Chad Muska, Chad Tim Tim, Chase Webb, Ethan Loy, Evan Smith, Levi Brown, Madars Apse, Mark Appleyard, Nassim Guammaz, Nyjah Huston, andTom Schaar, with special appearances by Ray Barbee and Johnny Schillereff. Each team had to create a 5 minute video in the span of a week. They are provided a photographer, (Oliver Barton) and two builders to create any skate obstacle they needed.

The concept was to show skateboarding through snapshots of the times, creating a mini documentary. I took a satirical route with the concept and direction, loosely paying homage to the icons, fashion, and design that defined how we got here today. Ultimately, I wanted to commend skateboarders for their creativity and individuality. Since day one, we’ve been inventors that see the world differently, and that gene has been passed down from generation, to generation. The entire piece is strung together with a narrative by Chad Muska, told in the first-perosn perspecitve. I wanted to give that sencse of the narrator telling the stories of his generation, almost like a Forrest Gump-esque walk down memory lane. It’s meant to be humorous but has a sense of truth to it, too.“—Kirk Dianda

Here are some behind the scenes photos I shot while on set. Also check out the magazine article here with an amzing photo spread by Oliver Barton.

Filmed by Ryan Young and Mark Stewart. Edited by Kirk Dianda and Mark Stewart. Narrated by Chad Muska. Original soundtrack by Loren Humphrey, and Muskabeatz courtesy of Chad Muska.


Deep up in the Hollywood Hills, among the rich and famous, dwells a creative mastermind by the name of Chad Muska. He’s been in the limelight of the skate, fashion, music and art scene since the mid 90s. Chad’s energy and creativity is infectious, and I love any chance to work with this amazing creature.

Here is a series of images I shot for SHELTERBLACK while Kirk and I were visiting Chad in his West Coast residence.


Chad Muska, NYC, 2010.

‎” It is easier to judge somebody’s work than it is to have the confidence to put your own out. Give a compliment not critique.” – Chad Muska


Chad Muska

On December 2nd, I  curated an exhibition called “Mr Big Sur”. It was a charity event to raise money for Elemental Awareness, who help send underprivileged kids to Element YMCA Skate Camp in 2011.

Inspired by the Sequoia Trees at Skate Camp, I created a huge tree installation called “Mr Big Sur”. Element Advocates Brooke Reidt, Bunny, Chad Eaton, Chad Muska, Juliana Neufeld, Matt Irving, Mike Kershnar, Miya Ando, and Todd Francis kindly donated their creative talents to make Seed Pod ornaments that were hung from Mr Big Sur.

The Mr Big Sur Seed Pod ornaments were then sold to raise money for Elemental Awareness, and ultimately helping send underprivileged kids to Skate Camp.

Check out photos from the opening night here!

The mission of Elemental Awareness is to positively transform lives through their love of skateboarding. Programs are aimed to promote social awareness, environmental responsibility, and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. For more information visit

I documented all the artist Seed Pods so that everyone would get the chance to see them. This is the series that Chad Muska kindly made for the event. Check out more of his work here!



Here is a little sneak peek at one of Chad Muska’s seed pods created especially for the Mr Big Sur charity event on December 2nd, at The CAMP in Costa Mesa.

See more event details here.

Also check out Mr Big Sur’s Twitter for more sneaky peeks from Element Advocates Todd Francis, Chad Eaton, Brooke Reidt, Mike Kershnar, Juliana Neufeld, Miya Ando, and more!


While we were in NYC to film the LOVE & GUTS exhibition in soho, I shot portraits of the artist involved. There is something quite intimate and strange about shooting a portrait. The face can say so many things without uttering a word.

Check out the film that Kirk and I shot here.

Artist and Artworks photo series here.




It’s the Maloof Money Cup weekend in New York City, and last night was the opening night of  “LOVE & GUTS” art exhibition. Oakley, Thrasher, Red Bull, and Juxtapoz brought together a diverse group of artists to exhibit their work, which were dedicated to fellow skaters that have passed away.

Kirk and I filmed the installation, so keep an eye out for the short film, which will be released soon.

Pictured above, Don Pendleton stands in front of two of his pieces that were featured. Click for more portraits of the other artists involved…



The Love & Guts Art Show, presented by Oakley, Juxtapoz and Thrasher, is set to make its return to New York City with a specially themed show entitled Eyes Wide Open. After touring the show in Wellington, New Zealand and Bondi Beach, Australia earlier this year, Love & Guts hits New York City on Friday the 4th of June.

The exhibition is centered around celebrating the lives of skaters that left us far too soon. Although gone physically, the impressions left by them have lived on, and to further immortalize them, Eyes Wide Open comes to street skating’s mecca, New York City, for what promises to be the largest Love & Guts exhibition to date.

The show historically has been centered around the art of skating legends Lance Mountain, Pat Ngoho, Steve Caballero and Steve Olson, but has gone on to include many other skaters from skating’s past and present. For Eyes Wide Open NYC, the show enlisted the talents of Chad Muska, Armando Roura, Don Pendelton, Giovanni Reda, Dennis McNett and Ivory & Shelter Serra whose work will be accompanying that of Mountain, Ngoho, Caballero and Olson.

We met up with Pat Ngoho, Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero recently… Check out this clip filmed by Kirk Dianda of Pat Ngoho talking about Love & Guts.



Throughout 2009, Kirk Dianda filmed and edited MAKE IT COUNT, The Element Story. The documentary is a four-part series, that tells the story of the iconic brand and the people that helped shape what it is today.

Element recently released a 200-page photo book, which includes a DVD of the film too (available at The book is jam-packed with imagery from Element’s 20 years of defining moments, including ads, unseen photos, graphics, and behind the scenes photos from the film.

Throughout the production process, I was lucky enough to travel with Kirk while he interviewed this collection of truly inspiring people and shoot behind the scenes photos.

To start things off, we flew to the east coast to shoot a handful of interviews, including Bam and his family in Westchester, PA, Donny Barley in Providence, RI, and Chad Muska in New York, NY. While there, Chad put us up in his apartment, where he acted as the best host New York had to offer… Here’s an insider’s look at one of the most energetic artists and skateboarders around, and in his natural surroundings; SoHo.