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Every year Transworld holds a competition called Skate & Create. This year Element Skateboards was invited to partake, and my handsome husband, Kirk DiAnda wrote and directed the piece.

Featuring the Element team; Boo Johnson, Chad Muska, Chad Tim Tim, Chase Webb, Ethan Loy, Evan Smith, Levi Brown, Madars Apse, Mark Appleyard, Nassim Guammaz, Nyjah Huston, andTom Schaar, with special appearances by Ray Barbee and Johnny Schillereff. Each team had to create a 5 minute video in the span of a week. They are provided a photographer, (Oliver Barton) and two builders to create any skate obstacle they needed.

The concept was to show skateboarding through snapshots of the times, creating a mini documentary. I took a satirical route with the concept and direction, loosely paying homage to the icons, fashion, and design that defined how we got here today. Ultimately, I wanted to commend skateboarders for their creativity and individuality. Since day one, we’ve been inventors that see the world differently, and that gene has been passed down from generation, to generation. The entire piece is strung together with a narrative by Chad Muska, told in the first-perosn perspecitve. I wanted to give that sencse of the narrator telling the stories of his generation, almost like a Forrest Gump-esque walk down memory lane. It’s meant to be humorous but has a sense of truth to it, too.“—Kirk Dianda

Here are some behind the scenes photos I shot while on set. Also check out the magazine article here with an amzing photo spread by Oliver Barton.

Filmed by Ryan Young and Mark Stewart. Edited by Kirk Dianda and Mark Stewart. Narrated by Chad Muska. Original soundtrack by Loren Humphrey, and Muskabeatz courtesy of Chad Muska.


Here is a little “Behind The Seams” feature about the making of “Eden:The Story of Element Eden” and creating the stop motion animations for the film.

Filmed and edited by Kirk Dianda.
Music by Loren Humphrey.

Check out an interview over at the Eden blog here.
Enter for the chance to win an animation cell from the film here. Contest closes Jan 11th, 2012.

Watch the full length film here.

EDEN: The Story of Element Eden

“Eden: The Story of Element Eden” is a short film that captures the story of Element’s women’s apparel brand, it’s family, Advocate program and vision to inspire girls on their own unique paths.  The film itself was co-directed by my handsome husband Kirk Dianda and myself. Over the course of the last two years we documented all the products and personalities behind the brand.  To string the story along, I created a set of handmade stop-motion animations that not only help tell the story of Eden, but also represent the brand’s quirky personality while detailing creativity and fashion.  Original soundtrack by  the Talented Loren Humphry.


I feel like such a dork in this… NYLON came to visit while I was hanging my SUMMERWINTER exhibition.

Special thanks to Element Skateboards, Elemental Awareness, Honest Tea, PBR and Nylon for being awesome! xa


Introducing Miss Winter!

She is part of my solo show in LA entitled SUMMERWINTER.

The exhibition will be up until August 5th, so go check it out if you’re in LA.

Here are some photos by Kirk Dianda and Michael C Hsiung on Flickr.



Four hours north-east of LA is a sacred piece of heaven. It’s 5400 feet above sea level, and the Sequoia trees grow so high that you can barely see their top branches.

Over the weekend was the MAKE IT COUNT contest series, in the Sequoia National Park at the YMCA Element Skate Camp. It’s a place where kids come to learn how to survive in the wilderness, how to succeed in life,  and how to skate their best.

Visually, Skate Camp is absolutely beautiful. Audibly, there were accents from all over the world… Contestants came from  Portugal, Canada, Australia, and cities throughout the United States. And Element’s international offices came out to cheer for their respected regions, as Element Europe, Japan, and Australia were in attendance.

Prior to the contest, we hiked to Stony Creek where the Europe crew, Guy (from Portugal), Levi Brown, and a few skaters were the only ones brave enough to swim in the icy waters.

Todd Larson and Matt Luciani from Elemental Awareness taught us survival techniques, how to make shelter, create our own utensils with hot coals and wood, and make fire from only the bare essentials. Nevertheless, our European brethren Phil and Christian came through with the goods by making the best looking spoons!

Late at night we got to hang out next to the camp fire, where Guy tried to scare us with his Black Bear impersonation, which was met with rolling laughter instead of screams! Hehe… Thanks for the laughs Guy!.