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Kind Campaign is a movement and a documentary created by Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson  which serve as an outlet for girls to share their stories, to learn from others’ experiences, and to create awareness, healing and understanding about girl-against-girl crime.

This week I was able to document the Seattle leg of their tour for Element Eden. We visited four schools and, I was moved to tears seeing the way that Kind Campaign connected with these young girls, and changed their experience and relationships in school for the better.

First stop Lake Chelan, Washington. The Chelan Native American Indians called this place, Yenmusi’ Tsa (Rainbow Robe) because of the allusion of the light on the lake’s surface.

The Kind Campaign girls were interviewed on the local Lake Chelan radio station; KOZI radio.

The first school we visited for the Kind Campaign was Manson High school. It had an incredible display of their classes as far back as the 1940s.

The beautiful Miss Molly Thompson wearing the Element Eden “Be Kind” T shirt that will be sold to raise money for the Kind Campaign.

Manson high school girls were awesome!

As part of the Kind Campaign, Lauren and Molly start a “Kind Wall” were the girls can write positive kind messages to each other and pledge their mission to be kind and spread the love. The school will keep this as a banner throughout the year as a reminder of the program.

Second stop on the Kind Campaign was Chelan Middle/High School! There was so much love in the room.

Lunch stop at Blueberry Hill Farms where they grow all their own produce and you can wander into the fields and pick your own grapes, apples, and peaches The food was incredible, and the farm has been in the family for generations. Matter of fact, this was one of the amazing pictures from their family albums.

We also met some BFF on the road trip! (Bison Friends Forever).

Road trip snap shot.

Everywhere you look in Washington the landscapes will take your breath away.

So much love in the room!

How cute is this! As part of Kind Campaign, the school girls are asked to write a “Kind Card” message to someone special. Then some of the girls would share their messages with the group. You couldn’t help but get emotional hearing some of the beautiful messages that were shared amongst each other.

Check out more about their non profit organization here, and stay up to date on all the awesome stuff they are doing over at their Facebook page, here.