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Día de Muertos from Amber B Dianda on Vimeo.

November 1st and 2nd celebrates, Día de Muertos!
Remembering family and friends that have passed away, the tradition is as ancient as the Aztecs, and is celebrated all over the world.
It’s nothing to be sad about. Build an alter to your dearly departed ones, honoring them with their favorite foods and drinks, decorate with Marigolds, and recall stories of their past lives in merriment.
Here is a stop-motion animation inspired by “Danse Macabre” that Kirk and I created in honor of Día de Muertos and Kirk’s Grandfather, Grandpa Louis Dianda.



Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and to celebrate, I created this short film entitled “Happy Halloween”. The bones are hand cut from paper, which is then placed on a black background, and then I shot each frame individually, in the classic stop-start fashion.

Edited by the talented and very handsome Kirk Dianda.