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We visited the amazing creative duo, Kozyndan for SHELTERBLACK recently. As a huge fan of their work, this visit was one of the most exciting visits we have ever done! Also, I didn’t think it was possible but, Kozy is seriously cuter in real life!!

The pair have been collaborating on artwork since they met in art class and haven’t stopped since. During our visit we got to peek at paintings and sculptures they have been working on for an upcoming exhibition.

You can see their work at GR2 until September 25th. Go check it out if you live  in Los Angeles.

End of Summer Never Ends
September 7–25, 2013
Giant Robot 2 (GR2)
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025


Australian born, LA based artist Mark Whalen is awesome! As a huge fan of his work back in Oz, it was a real treat to visit his studio here in LA for SHELTERBLACK, and see were he creates his intricate masterpieces in person.

Check out for the feature.

Mark will be exhibiting his latest mini series, “LIKE MINDS” at Black Art Projects in Sydney, Australia.

Mark also has a solo show coming up in November with Black Art Projects at “Future Perfect” in Singapore! So Rad.

Thanks for having us over Mark!! x



For the latest installment of SHELTERBLACK, we visited artist, Chad Eaton in his DTLA home and studio. It was everything we dreamt it would be, like you were walking into one of his paintings.

See the SHELTERBLACK post here.

You can buy some of Chad’s beautiful creations here.


Element recently launched its new line of clothes; the Element Emerald Collection, a consciously crafted mens lifestyle product line.

With a commitment to eco sustainability in the production of the garments, the line is the brainchild of Element Founder and President, Johnny Schillereff, while the clothing is designed by Valerie Killeen, and footwear by Charlie Manos, with art direction by Bobby Sattler, featuring photography by the amazing Brian Gaberman, and artwork by Thomas Campbell.

For the official launch of the collection, we all flew out to New York, and took over Saturdays surf store for a private presentation of the line, a fashion show, followed up by a party that was open to the public. If you made it by, then you’re walking on sunshine, because anyone who showed up was given a complimentary pair of Emerald shoes.

When it was all said and done, we came home, totally inspired by the entire experience.

Thank you Element, New York City, and of course, Saturdays.

Check out more photos here.


Charlie Manos

Johnny Schillereff and Thomas Campbell.

Shelter Serra and Miya Ando.

Valerie Killeen and Morgan Collett.

Kirk Dianda and Corbin Harris.