While in Palm Springs we went to the Air Museum. I feel confused and don’t understanding mankind’s inclination toward war, but after visiting the museum,  I can appreciate the hardships the men and women went through. Most of the planes on display were from World War II, and featured visual reenactments of the period. Sexism and racism were common during that time, which really made me appreciate the liberal freedom we have today.

This was one of the planes in the main hangar. To take this photo I was on my tippie toes, with arms extended to reach the open window to view into the cockpit. From the outside, the plane is incredibly intimidating… It’s huge, covered in rivets and looks impenetrable. From the inside it is vulnerable and primitive; from it’s sliding glass windows and it’s lack of any safety equipment, it felt like doom.

Mitch the Witch was a fox!

Mr Dragon Fly.

Allies painted the underneath of the plane wings so they knew from the ground that it was one of their planes, and not an attacking plane.

This is the B-17 radio which used morse code. It’s amazing to think that my iPhone can do a hundred more things more efficiently than this machine, yet thousands of mens lives depended on this radio. They made 1300 B-17 planes for the war. Ten men would man each plane. 5000 were shot down during World War II.

There was no insulation built inside the B-17. The men that were aboard wore heated clothing that could be plugged into a power socket on the plane. It was common that men would die from hyperthermia from working onboard the B-17.

640,000 tones of bombs were dropped from B-17 on European targets during World War II.


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